CELTA Students using computer kiosks


The ILSC-Montreal CELTA was probably the most intense learning I've ever done and the most satisfying.

I feel well-prepared to begin teaching ESL and inspired to continue developing as a teacher.
Bee Markus

Entry Requirements

  • be at least 20 years old.
  • have a standard of education that would allow you to enter university in your country.
  • have an awareness of language and a competence in English, both written and spoken that enables you to successfully undertake the course, to teach a range of levels and to complete the written assignments. While we do not require a specific exam score, successful applicants would score 8 or above on IELTS.
  • have the potential to develop into an effective teacher.
Please note that although it is not necessary for applicants to possess a Bachelor's degree to enter the CELTA program, Canadian associations, such as TESL Canada and many countries including the United States, require university degrees from their teachers.

The Application Process

In order to ensure the success of our candidates on the CELTA program we have an application process:

Step one: Complete and submit the application form. You can download the application documents here:
An Adobe Acrobat file Application: Full-Time Classroom Program
An Adobe Acrobat file Application: Online Program
Step two: If all the requirements are met, someone from the CELTA department will contact you to arrange an interview time. This can be face-to-face or on the phone if you are outside Montreal/Vancouver/Toronto/New Delhi.

Step three: Have your interview. We usually inform applicants at the end of the interview if they have been accepted and we will give guidance about how to further prepare for the course. You need to pay the $150 registration fee at this time.

Step four: (optional) Pay the deposit fee of $300 to reserve your spot on the course of your choice. This $300 is part of the total course fees.

Step five: Pay the remaining tuition fees at least two weeks before the course starts.

Step six: Begin your CELTA adventure!

*Please note that our courses fill very quickly so we encourage you to apply as early as you can.