Ready to apply?

Application Process:

1. Two-part application:
  • Initial information: details about you.
  • Pre-interview task: series of questions about your background, learning experiences, and motivations for the course followed by language awareness tasks.
2. Interview:

45 – 60 minutes (online or in-person) with a CELTA tutor. See Cambridge’s advice on preparing for the interview here!

3. Follow-up:

If your application is successful, your interviewer will inform you of the next steps for preparing for the course, further information required, and registration payment details.

There are two ways to apply. Which is best for you?

OPTION 1: if you have 30 minutes to complete the entire application now, click the button below. Once reviewed by our team, you will be sent an invitation for an interview via Zoom. 
OPTION 2: If you are in a hurry, please just complete the first section of the application below. Once submitted, you will be emailed the pre-interview task with further instructions.