What job opportunities do I have with CELTA?

The English Language Teaching (ELT) Industry

Teaching English is a profession that offers many opportunities for personal and professional growth. Whether you travel abroad or teach in your home country, you will meet people of many different cultures and make a real difference in their lives as you help them with their English.
Teaching is a flexible profession—it can be a source of full-time employment or can be done part-time to supplement an existing job or as you study. It can also be the first step towards a further career in education as a Director of Studies in a language school, developing education materials, or getting involved with teacher education.
Language schools often have a corporate division that has contracts with businesses and organizations which provide them with language teachers in their work place. This is a great opportunity for language teachers with a business background and usually pays more than classroom teaching.
There are many other interesting opportunities for language teachers such as teaching refugees or organizing private lessons marketed towards other skills and knowledge that you have known as ESP (English for Specific Purposes). For instances, teaching English to lawyers, teaching English through drama, etc.

*2022 payscale for teachers in Montreal at private language schools is between $20 and $27 per hour.

Teaching in Canada

Canada is a very popular destination for foreign students who want to learn English. There are many private language schools that offer language courses throughout the year to students who come to improve their English. In summer there is an even greater demand for CELTA-qualified teachers as school enrolments increase significantly. The typical positions in Canada include:
English teacher (general, business, exam prep.) | IELTS examiner | corporate contract | private tutoring | EAP (English for Academic purposes) position at colleges and universities
The CELTA is recognized in Canada by:
TESL Canada—the organization that oversees teaching training programs in Canada. CELTA graduates are eligible for TESL Canada Professional Standard Level 1. Please note that a university degree is required to obtain TESL Canada certification.
Languages Canada—the association of private language schools in Canada.

Teaching Abroad

The CELTA is the most recognized qualification for teaching English internationally. Whether you want to go to Asia, Europe, the Middle East, or Australasia, employers will immediately recognize that you are a qualified teacher and ready to go straight into the classroom and teach.
Teaching English abroad can be a valuable experience both culturally and economically. Many schools are willing to help graduates with travel and visa costs, and to assist with accommodation and health insurance. They may even offer free language lessons for you!
While it is not necessary to have a university degree to take the CELTA program, many countries do require their teachers to have one.

Finding work

As one of the largest teacher training centers in Canada we are constantly being contacted by schools and institutions locally and abroad who are looking for CELTA-qualified teachers. We do forward any contracts we are passed on to all of our graduates, but as a centre we do not guarantee work to any prospective candidates.
The ILSC organization has schools in Canada and abroad and is constantly looking for teachers. We can put you in touch with the recruiting directors at our locations in:
Toronto | Montreal | Vancouver | New Delhi | Sydney | Melbourne | Brisbane 

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